We've many, many requests for a shield that will accomate Loupes & Light from dentists, doctors, dental techs, hygienists & others. This new frame is similar to our original PRUSA USA frame, but this one has 1" more clearance between the front of the forehead/glasses plane and the back of the screen, extending the cantiliever to 2.75" inches.


The magic of this new design is that it is also FLIP UP! That magic is in the fact that the shield is now completely held onto the frame with STRONG neodynium magnets. Watch the test video. The pivot for the shield is also magnetic, you you can easily pull off your shield if you want to, while still leaving the headband on. If you need to adjust your loupes or your light, just filp the shield up and out of the way! The shield is then held in place in its down position with two magnets. So flip it up, or take it all off! No readjusting of your headband/frame everytime you want to clean or get rid of the shield temporarily. 


This is the second face shield by Monster City. The shield is .060 PETG, uses SKIN SAFE flexible resin for the frame and has an adjustable elastic strap. You can see just how much substantial the .060 PETG is in the photo with the Bat Quarter in the photos.


You can use vinegar, 409, Fantastic or bleach to clean our shields. Do not use dry paper towers or napkins to clean, always use a soft wet cloth or microfiber towel to wipe off.


Our shields can also be cleaned with the popular dental disinfectant "Cavicide" or "Caviwipes" for at least a short period of time without damaging the plastic screen. The effects of disinfecting our shields daily for extended periods of time is not known to us as of yet. After cleaning with Cavicide and letting dry, use Windex to clear up the fog that develops over the screen. Only use cloth or microfiber to clean our shields. 


** NEWS ** 10% of the etching upgrade free (if logo or name etching is selected) will be donated directly to our favorite charity, MAGIC WHEELCHAIR.


Shipping starts the 3rd week of June 202 for FLIP-UPS. IF YOU ARE PICKING UP, WE WILL CALL YOU WHEN READY.

Loupes & Light FLIP-UP 2.75" Shield

Select No Logo (Standard), Name or Logo Etching
  • Mask and Shield is proud to announce that we are donating 10% of any personalization/etching fees to our favorite charity, MAGiC WHEELCHAIR.


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